Hi Guys, at present time most of the person have lớn use Android smartphone. When you bring any lademo technology Android smartphone you have sầu lot of excitement about your điện thoại thông minh. Everybody toàn thân who has Android phone want lớn check all the features, pre-installed apps, settings và many more.

Today we discuss DTSO- use double tap on Android feature lớn turn screen on or off. But before discuss the process of DTSO- use double tap on Android feature lớn turn screen on or off you must know about it.You watching: Enable double tap to lớn turn off on my samsung galaxy one ui 3

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What is the DTSO?

DTSO Stands for Double Tap Screen On/Off. The double tap feature of Android device is very useful for all those users who don’t want to use power button constantly to lớn turn-on or off Android device. Most of the Android or tablet users break the power button of his Android phone due to lớn constantly use.

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When your power button is broken then you will take your Android to service center where you have sầu khổng lồ pay lot of amount. So, most of the person want to lớn know how khổng lồ protect his power button. This article DTSO- use double tap on Android feature khổng lồ turn screen on-off is relay helpful of all Android lovers.

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How to use double tap on Android device to lớn screen on or off:

If you quickly want khổng lồ turn on or turn off the Android phone screen then there are two ways. Either you must use DTSO app from Google Play Store or use System settings of Android phone. Both ways provide way DTSO- use double tap on Android feature khổng lồ turn screen on or off. There is no need khổng lồ press the Power button.

Method 1: By DTSO (double tap screen on off) tiện ích from Google Play Store:

Most of the person like to use third tiệc nhỏ apps to overcome the problem of double tap screen on/off. But these apps consume lot of battery of your điện thoại thông minh. If you don’t have sầu double tap feature in your Android then you must have sầu to lớn use third tiệc nhỏ double tap screen on/off apps. These DTSO apps allow the Android users to lớn quickly wake up or sleep your phone without pressing power button. You can easily download & install the DTSO(double tap screen on/off) phầm mềm. If you want lớn install DTSO phầm mềm from Google Play Store then cliông chồng on this given links.

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DTSO: Double Tap Screen On Off ứng dụng is simple và easy khổng lồ use phầm mềm which provide the facility khổng lồ quickly turn on or off Android screen. If your power button is not working properly then there is no need, you just install this tiện ích on your Android. You can also use other third buổi tiệc ngọt apps khổng lồ quickly turn on or off the Android screen.

Method 2: By System settings of Android phone:

Most of the person’s like to lớn use lachạy thử technology Android phone. Read this article DTSO- use double tap on Android feature khổng lồ turn screen on or off. It is found in the setting of your Android phone. It is the best way to quickly turn on or off your Android screen.See more: Giờ Làm Việc Của Ngân Hàng Techcombank, Giờ Mngơi nghỉ Cửa Giao Dịch

Step 1: Turn on your Android device tablet on which you want lớn use this feature.

Step 2: Tap on the “Settings” option on your Android device.

Step 3: Scroll down the screen & tap on the “Display & lights” option which is placed in the “Device” section.


Step 4: Turn on Double tap lớn wake và Double tap to lớn sleep options both.

Double tap lớn wake: This option is used to lớn double tap on the screen khổng lồ quickly turn on the display of Android device.

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Double tap to lớn sleep: This option is used lớn double tap on the status bar to quickly turnoff the display of Android device.See more: “Tháng Tám Giỗ Cha Trong Câu Tháng Tám Hội Cha Tháng Ba Hội Mẹ Chỉ Ai

I hope you like this article. After reading this article you will be able to lớn know DTSO- use double tap on Android feature lớn turn screen on or off. These few small things keep in mind which not only improve your knowledge but also helpful for all those who face power button broken problem. Kindly chia sẻ your knowledge with your friends, family members và others & give important suggestions in the bình luận box. Thanks to lớn all.