Is it possible to use the report designer in the current release of Visual Studio 2017?

The SAPhường crystal report wiki for visual studio integration only states: "RC build currently not supported - Tested opening existing app & it works".

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I have sầu installed the lademo developer SDK (Support Pachồng 19 v., but when I try khổng lồ open an existing report (.rpt), i got the following message:

There is no editor available for "C:...Report.rpt".

Make sure the application for the file type (.rpt) is installed.

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ANewGuyInTown: The current version is 13.0.24.

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Visual Studio 2017 is supported in Crystal Reports SP 21, which is available for tải về as of 1 Sep 2017.

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This error occurs because at the over of the installation of Crystal Reports SP21 for Visual Studio 2017, the following screen appears:


Do not check lớn install in runtime, this default to come marked to lớn me is wrong. Install only Crystal Reports SP21 for Visual Studio 2017.

answered Oct 17 "17 at 11:30

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Please wait Support Paông xã 21 in September 2017

UPDATE:More info

VS 2017 - Tested opening existing app and it works, CR for VS is not integrated inkhổng lồ the ứng dụng so no new CR projects available- should be fully integrated in SPhường 21About release


Moderator Don Williams said:

Not supported yet, I tried khổng lồ get it into SP 20 but due lớn time constraints DEV can"t get it inkhổng lồ VS until SP. 21, due out in September time...
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I had a workaround for this problem. I created dll project with viewer in vsnăm ngoái & used this dll in vs2017. Report showing perfectly.

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Starting with Visual Studio 2010, crystal reports is no longer installed with Visual Studio. It can be installed separately by downloading the install from SAPhường crystal reports trang web. SAPhường crystal reports provides two installations. The first is SAP Crystal Reports version for visual studio that is installed for working with crystal reports in visual studio. The other is SAPhường Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework that is installed when the application is deployed on server machine.

SAP Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2017 is now planned for Service Pack/Support Pachồng 21 (as of Aquảng bá 04"2017). The current available service/tư vấn paông chồng is 19. Service/Support Paông xã 21 is expected to be released in September 2017.

You can use the MSI to install on the VS PC, it won"t integrate into lớn VS so you won"t be able to design reports within the VS IDE but your app will compile. There will not be any Templates either so just add the CR Viewer to the Tool bar. Upgrading an exist VS tiện ích will simply work.

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So in the meantime lớn edit rpt files you"ll need the stand-alone Crystal Reports Designer until Support Pack 21 comes along.