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Surely everyone involved in Smartphone & web thiết kế is familiar with Adobe products. Photocửa hàng, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, After Effects and others, 20+ in total, are available for $79 per month as a package, or each one separately. This is a great set of applications, no doubt. But say, you’ve sầu had enough with it, và to move sầu on you need khổng lồ uninstall Adobe Creative sầu Cloud. Maybe you seek another software, or maybe CC applications were installed incorrectly. To remove Creative sầu Cloud from a computer, we have three methods, basically or use one of the best uninstallers.

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How to lớn uninstall Adobe Creative sầu Cloud manually

Step 1: Sign in khổng lồ Adobe Creative sầu Cloud desktop phầm mềm.

Step 2: You can only uninstall the Creative Cloud desktop ứng dụng if all Adobe applications such as Photosiêu thị, Illustrator, Premiere Pro have sầu been removed from the system. To uninstall Adobe apps, tap the dotted icon next khổng lồ the mở cửa button, then cliông xã Uninstall.


Step 3: When all Adobe apps are gone, remove CC desktop software. To vày this, navigate to Settings in the Windows menu. After that, go lớn Apps & find Adobe Creative sầu Cloud there.


Step 4: Locate Creative Cloud và choose khổng lồ uninstall.


Step 5: Confirm the action in a warning pop up, and the process will start – you’ll see a green progress bar. 


Step 6: When it is completed, cliông chồng the Cthua thảm button. If there are other program components or leftovers still, get rid of them by following the same instructions.

If you find this method difficult or you are not sure that the system has been thoroughly cleaned, there are several other ways khổng lồ uninstall Adobe Creative sầu Cloud. For example, by using a special

How to delete Creative Cloud with its uninstaller

Step 1: To use the uninstaller, tải về a ZIPhường tệp tin from the official Adobe website, and extract the content. 


Step 2: Run the tệp tin to lớn start things off. In the confirmation message cliông xã Uninstall.

Step 3: Wait for the process to lớn finish. Cliông chồng the Cthua kém button afterwards.


If you bởi vì not want to lớn install anything lớn uninstall apps (sounds counter-intuitive, right?), there’s another way. Third-tiệc ngọt tools, specifically designed for proper uninstallation and/or PC optimization, a.k.a. cleanup. For example, a globally popular CCleaner utility.

Use CCleaner as uninstaller

It is a disk cleanup / uninstaller tool, suitable for cleaning cookies, disabling unnecessary startup programs, fixing the registry, cleaning the browser. CCleaner works on all versions of Windows, và is available in 57 languages.

Step 1: Sign in khổng lồ CCleaner. Go to the Tools section of the main thực đơn. Then select the Uninstall tab & find Adobe desktop app there.


Step 2: To start the process, hit the Uninstall button in the upper right corner. The removal tool will ask you to confirm to uninstall Adobe Creative sầu Cloud Desktop, so vì it.


Step 3: Wait for the removal process to lớn complete. It will take no more than 30 seconds. You will get a confirmation message, if all is OK, click Cthất bại.

Use IObit Uninstaller

CCleaner isn’t the only utility for such tasks, of course. Consider another equally popular third-tiệc ngọt tool – IObit Uninstaller, as an alternative. It has a không tính tiền version, 37 interface languages, and more importantly, it is superfast – typically it takes 20-30 seconds lớn uninstall a program. 

Step 1: Sign in khổng lồ IObit Uninstaller. You will see a danh mục of all the programs installed on your PC, find Creative Cloud.

Step 2: Tichồng the checkbox next to lớn Adobe Creative Cloud, và then press the green Uninstall button on the right.


Step 3: IObit will ask khổng lồ confirm the deletion. As the process starts, just wait several moments until it’s over và done (but without the confusion by similar puns from the “Airplane” movie).


Read more about PC optimization & malware cleaning in our best pc optimization & best antimalware software articles.

Use Revo Uninstaller

Revo uninstaller is just another alternative third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ uninstaller that can help you khổng lồ completely remove Adobe Cloud. Revo Uninstaller (Free/Pro/Portable) has a 30-day trial with the same functionality as the full version. As we’ve mentioned before, cthua trận all running Adobe apps before the uninstall process, otherwise, removal could be incorrect. 

Step 1: xuất hiện Revo, choose All Programs thắng lợi on the left sidebar, find Adobe Creative Cloud in the programs các mục. Clichồng the Uninstall button in the top-left corner.

Step 2: You will see the information about the software in the pop-up window. We recommover lớn tiông chồng both Make a System Restore point và Create a Full Registry Backup boxes. Then clicking Continue.


Step 3: Revo calls up Adobe uninstaller, though in our case, it did not launch correctly, so we continue an alternative sầu route. Wait for a while, until 3 options appear: Safe, Moderate, Advanced. We recommover choosing the advanced scanning mode.

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Step 4: Another pop-up displays leftover registry items. Clichồng the Select All option và Delete items. Repeat this procedure several times until the các mục is empty. 


Phường.S. Each of these methods is not particularly difficult to apply & requires only a few steps lớn dispose of Creative sầu Cloud. Although, the fasthử nghiệm & the most effective sầu one would be uninstaller software, we reckon. IObit Uninstaller, CCleaner, Revo, BCUninstaller and others have sầu been analyzed & tested by us và you can read all about it in 7 best uninstallers.