Recover Forgotten or Lost Excel File mở cửa Password Excel Password Refixer is a powerful & easy-to-use Excel password recovery tool that recovers forgotten or lost Excel file password. If you thất bại or forget the password khổng lồ open Microsoft Excel workbook, don"t worry. With four powerful password attachồng types and more advanced GPU acceleration algorithm, Excel Password Refixer can help you recover password successfully within the shorchạy thử time.

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Support Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xlsx, *.xls). Support Microsoft Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2000/97, etc. Quickly recover Excel tệp tin password regardless of password length và complexity.

Ensure successful password recovery

No matter what types of characters or symbols your Excel password contains, & no matter how long & how complex your password is, Excel Password Refixer can successfully recover your Excel file password in the shortest time.

Ensure faster password recovery

Excel Password Refixer is developed based on multi-core công nghệ & designed with four more powerful password recovery types, Normal, Mask, Dictionary and Smart, & each type ships with the relevant parameter settings, which further ensures a faster password recovery.

Easy to use

Excel Password Refixer has concise interface. Even computer novices can use it easily without any help.

100% Secure

Excel Password Refixer is 100% secure; recovers passwords safely without any data loss or damage.

Program Priority

Excel Password Refixer has higher recovery tốc độ on computer with more CPU power allocated.

Just Four Steps Needed

Step 1: Import Excel file.

Step 2: Configure attachồng type.

Step 3: Start password recovery.

Step 4: Excel password is recovered successfully.

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Thank you so much for this wonderful software. It really works và helped me retrieve sầu my forgotten Excel password. I almost lose my important data. It really saved my life.

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I had to lớn open an important excel tệp tin made by my colleague who was retired. I asked hyên ổn for the password but he said he forgot it. Thankfully, this software helped me retrieve sầu the password. Thank you very much for this software.