Windows 10 User Protệp tin Cannot Be Loaded

"Hey, recently I have sầu experienced a weird thing. There is something wrong with my Windows 10. Whenever I try khổng lồ log in it says "The User Protệp tin Service failed sign-in. The User Profile cannot be loaded." I can"t enter my Windows 10 as usual. Can there anybody help me?"


If you encounter "The User Profile Service failed the sign-in. The User Profile cannot be loaded." error on your Windows 10, it means your user profile has been corrupted. Furthermore, you cannot access Windows 10. But fortunately, such annoying error could be fixed in right way. Go with us, get rid of the error now.

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How Do I Fix "User Protệp tin Service Failed Sign-in" Error

Before you follow the post lớn fix the User Protệp tin error, you can try khổng lồ reboot your Windows 10, if the error still occurs, follow the methods below.

Method 1. Boot Your Windows 10 into Safe Mode & Fix It

Follow the two steps khổng lồ boot your Windows 10 inkhổng lồ safe mode and fix "the user protệp tin cannot be loaded" error.

1. Boot inlớn Safe Mode

Safe Mode loads with a minimum mix of drivers, software, & service. Usually, when Windows doesn’t start normally, Safe Mode starts with no problem. It’s useful for you lớn troubleshoot the problem there.

Ensure your PC is offPress the "power" button khổng lồ turn on your PC, then hold the "power" button down until PC shuts down automatically (about 5 seconds). Repeat this more than 2 times until you see Preparing Automatic RepairThen wait for Windows to lớn diagnose your PCCliông xã "Advanced options"Cliông chồng "Troubleshoot"Clichồng "Advanced options"Click "Startup Settings" to continueClichồng "Restart"On your keyboard, press "4" khổng lồ enter the Safe Mode without the network. (If you need to lớn vì some online research after boot inlớn the safe mode, press "5" to lớn enter Safe Mode with network access.)2. Fix Your Corrupt User Protệp tin by Correcting Its Registry Value

Step 1. In safe mode, open Run dialog box by pressing "Windows + R". Then type regedit in the box and hit Enter. If prompted by User Account Control, click "YES".

Step 2. After Registry Editor window pops up. Head khổng lồ "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" > "SOFTWARE" > "Microsoft" > "Windows NT" > "CurrentVersion" > "ProfileList".

Step 3. Click each "S-1-5" thư mục & double-cliông chồng the "ProfileImagePath" entry khổng lồ find out which user tài khoản it relates to. (If your thư mục name ends with .bak or .bố follow Microsoft’s instructions khổng lồ rename them).


Step 4. Once you have sầu determined where is the user profile(và it doesn’t have a .bak ending), double-clichồng on the entry "State" và change the Value data to 0 & clichồng "OK".


Step 5. Then Double click on the entry "RefCount" khổng lồ launch a popup Windows & change the value lớn 0. If this value isn’t available, you might have to create it manually. 

Click anywhere on the blank space on the right pane - Click "New" > "DWORD (32 bit)" > type RefCount > cliông chồng on "Enter".

Step 6.

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Cthảm bại Registry Editor và restart your PC.

Method Two. Create a New User Account

Before you take action, you must bachồng up your User Profile. Usually, user files backup manually costs too much time. It is a better choice to lớn use data backup software lớn finish this troublesome job.