My laptop suddenly started showing a cross symbol on the battery inhỏ and Windows told me to replace it, but battery life is still stable. How bởi vì I remove the warning so that the icon returns baông chồng lớn normal?

Toshibố Satellite L640



The thread Windows 7 and the battery error "consider replacing your battery" on Microsoft TechNet is eleven pages long và filled with angry customers.

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In brief:

There is no way to turn this feature off manually, besides hiding the battery ibé altogether.

To bởi so:

Right-cliông xã the battery inhỏ.

Cliông chồng Turn system icons on or off.

Do any of the following:

Choose Power: off.

Click Customize notification icons.

Uncheck Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar.

Click OK.

There always is the possibility that the displayed information is correct and your battery will die soon. Battery life decreases gradually under normal circumstances, so it"s possbie you won"t notice it before it"s too late.

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DennisDennis 45.5k1010 gold badges121121 silver badges144144 bronze badges 1 Add a phản hồi | 1Windows 7 SP1 (Service Paông chồng 1) adds the ability khổng lồ simply disable the battery health warning by unselecting "Warn me if my battery may need replacement" checkbox. The option can be accessed by left-clicking on battery ibé in the tray bar (if SP1 installed). Share Improve sầu this answer Follow answered Sep 18 "15 at 13:15

AntonioKAntonioK 30111 gold badge33 silver badges1414 bronze badges Add a comment | 1I recently run into the same problem. I had just replaced the Battery and the HPhường Support Assistant was telling me everything was allright. But Windows 7 insisted with a red cross blinking on the battery inhỏ. I tried many things none of that worked.

Randomly i opened the preferencies of the energy plans or however they are named in an English Windows 7. There i found out that the threshold for the battery state which tells the OS when lớn shut down due lớn lack of power, was in all plans, mix lớn 99% instead of 10% & 5%. I reseted all energy plans & it was ok!

kích hoạt on low Battery Battery - Advanced PreferencesI hope this helps!

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Georggame ios GiannikakisGeorgquả táo Giannikakis 1111 bronze badge 1 Add a phản hồi | 0This issue and solution given here is for hp laptops may help sometimes to your mã sản phẩm also

Cause :This issue occurs on some notebook models, which were not originally designed for Windows 7, because the system firmware (BIOS) incorrectly reports the Design Capacity of the battery to lớn the operating system.

The "Consider replacing your battery" message is displayed when the Last Full Charge Capađô thị is less than 40% of the reported battery Design Capacity. Both the Last Full Charge Capađô thị & the reported battery Design Capacity are retrieved by Windows from the system ACPI firmware (BIOS).

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Solution :There is a Windows update that will remove the incorrectly reported battery message for only the affected systems. This update does not change any other behavior on the computer & will not change the actual battery life in any way. The update will only be offered if Windows Update detects that this update applies to lớn your computer.